What's it all about?

is a fun, vibrant, dance night playing Up-beat 1960's Northern Soul, Motown, Boogaloo and Organ grooves in New York City . ( We no longer do monthly parties but are up for doing the occasional bash ! )

Our Philosophy ?


Our music policy is 60s northern soul that appeals to the enthusiastic record buff and general fan of 60's music alike. Our crowd includes mods, soulies, scooterists and hipsters of all ages. You will see a colorful array of mod dressers, but there is no dress code. As Lady Dawn was quoted in Crunch magazine, "We are delighted if people want to dress up, but it's really all about the music. You can wear a lamp shade on your head if you want !" (Though so far no one has taken us up on this.) Our DJs are selected from the best in their field from across the States and we often welcome renound guest DJs from across the globe. They'll wow you with their rare vinyl and popular 'floor fillers'. But you don't have to know a thing about this music to have a great time. We like to keep it up beat and keep YOU dancing.!

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